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Darkness is rising and the Titans are at hand. Who can fight off their spawn and save the modern world?
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 Abigail Newgate

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Abigail Newgate, Edward and Davis Newgate's mother, was a very young mother indeed, having Davis at barely eighteen years old, and Ed almost immediately after at 19. She far more mature, however, than most others at her age, even more so than Ed was when he got to those ages. She is very calm and level headed, able to think about any situation rationally and very patiently, often a trait where she and Ed would clash, given that her son is more prone to rash actions than she would under normal circumstances. However, it's easy to see where Ed gets his protective streak; if one of her friends, or God forbid her son, is in danger, she would bull-rush an army of Titans bare-handed, despite being completely mortal with very little experience in combat.
Davis' kidnapping wounded her greatly, but thanks to her level head, she realized that she could not give in to despair- she still had another son that needed her. She was a great mother to Ed, better than any normal-aged mother could have been. Nowadays, she has a calm, yet happy demeanor...but she tries to spend a vast majority of her time out and about with friends, as when she finds herself alone for too long, her thoughts shift to Davis, and what might be happening to her oldest son...if he is indeed still alive.
Abigail would not like to interfere with her son's affairs if she can help it, but that would not stop her from giving Ed some well-thought out advice, often times without his asking. She certainly is not shy, and would not hesitate to offer advice to any other person who asked her. She knew what Asteros was when she was impregnated by him, and having had two sons by him, she probably has more of a relationship with him than just "god and concubine," like so many others. Therefore, she often knows a Scion when she sees one, just by the air they have about them, due to her having spent much more time around the divine than other humans.
So, as far as the current adventure goes, Abigail Newgate would not hesitate to lend her often-excellent advice to the group, so long as one of them asks, although she would not interfere directly. She realizes that if she did get directly involved, she might be put in danger, and that in turn might put Ed off his game. However, if it is just her and her son, she'll give her son advice with or without request, a trait that used to annoy Ed in his teenage years, but not so much now. The only time she is prone to stupid actions is when her friend or child is in danger, just the same as her son. (Although Ed often does stupid things without such stressors.)
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Abigail Newgate
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